A Testimonial on our Japanese Silken Hemp from Master James of Bondage Spa.com

"As testimony to the beauty & quality of your product, our photo shoots demonstrates the sensual nature of your product. The natural Japanese hemp's ability to securely restrain the girls in comfort while being very easy for me to handle has made it the rope of choice at the Bondage Spa. Aromatherapy is a big part of the Spa treatments and I'm very impressed with the unique scent of your rope. I've never experienced anything like that before. Your unique finishing process has definitely produced a superior product.

From the desk of Jim Martin of Bondage By Request.com

"As a professional in the industry for more than 8 years I have used numerous products including rope in the creation of my images and videos. Of all the organic types of rope I have used, I have found none of higher quality than Vintage Rope's products. I recently started using their Japanese rope in many of my productions and am overwhelmingly impressed with the visual and technical quality of the rope as well as the professional manner in which Vintage Rope handled me. I would, without reservation, recommend Vintage Rope to anyone interested in high quality rope for personal or professional purposes."

From Master Arcane of CrowAcademy.com and Clubiniquity.com:

"I have been practicing rope bondage for my entire adult life. I have literally lost count of the number of bondage scenes I have done (easily in the thousands), and rope bondage is my favorite style. My collection of rope extends to nearly all kinds, all colors, all thicknesses, and lengths from 10 feet to 100 feet. The ONE gap in my rope collection was Quality Hemp Rope. The Romanian kind that I purchased I selected because of the way it felt between my fingers - soft, extremely pliable, and with that "rough hemp" feel without being overly scratchy.

Since that time I have used Vintage Rope's hemp rope in dozens of scenes, and every single time I am exceedingly pleased with the look, the way the knots hold, and the overall effect. The subs I have tied with the hemp UNIVERSALLY have told me how much they SERIOUSLY like being tied up with that rope in particular. I know there are a few other places to buy hemp rope, but if you want guaranteed quality and the best product around, I hands-down recommend the hemp rope from Vintage Rope."